Testimonials By Our Students

"Feels as though I was learning from well educated friends as well as them being instructors."

"Instructors were professional, prepared and thorough."

"Very enjoyable class with very professional instructors."

"Hello , I took the basic pistol course on 3/29. For months prior I looked at other options for lower fees. The course outline of this course far exceeded that of all others. I had not fired a firearm since my 22nd year; I'm 64 now. My instructor, Doug, made me feel at ease with handling a gun after so many years since I last held a gun......DO IT!!!!"

"My husband & I both took the Strategic Outfitter's Basic Pistol course. You learn sooo much more than the basics. You're walked through the basics and you end at the range. We were able to try 2 different guns too. Other places may offer courses that are cheaper and take less time, but you will do yourself a disservice taking them. Spend the time and money taking this course. This course is well worth your time and I also recommend it for any new shooters out there. It was very empowering for me! I had no experience with guns and was afraid. Doug is a great instructor. By the time I got to the range I had so much knowledge about guns, that I was very comfortable handling a gun. And my shot was pretty darn good if I say so myself."

Testimonials By Instructors Who Attended Our Advanced Classes

"Outstanding class and instructor. Will definitely refer students."

"Two of the best instructors in the world! Right here in Central Florida"

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Personalized Firearms Training
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Personal Trainers have become very popular in the physical fitness world. Your personal safety preparedness is no less important. You can work with one of the Strategic Outfitters' Instructors to establish a plan for increasing your skills and confidence level. Using our laser simulators and private firearms range, we can help you to reach and exceed your goals.

Our clients frequently tell us of being uncomfortable going to public ranges full of strangers with unknown levels of skill and safety. We offer our clients scheduled private training sessions on our range with one or more of our instructors that are also Range Safety Officers. For most people, the opportunity to train with a firearm is very limited. Our range sessions maximize your training time by having a highly skilled instructor to coach you in marksmanship and skills necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones.

$75 for 2 hours
Contact us at (352) 552-0040

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