Our name was very purposefully chosen. As you look around the Internet, you find a lot of firearms instruction companies with "Tactical" in their name. While understanding and employing "tactics" is important, it is just one part of the equation.

made or carried out with only a limited or immediate end in view.

of or relating to a general plan that is created to achieve a goal over a long period of time.

Our training philosophy is that firearms are a tool of last resort when other measures to avoid or diffuse a dangerous situation have failed. Having a strategic plan minimizes the likelihood of having to employ a firearm.

Criminals tend to be very opportunistic, selecting victims that they believe to be unaware and unprepared. Our training courses are designed to teach you how to avoid the appearance of being an easy target for criminals and how to react if one does target you.

Firearms are a critical tool for self-protection. If you are unprepared to use one, you are increasing the chance for a very bad outcome by having one. Our courses teach safe firearm handling and proficiency, designed to lead to a comfort and confidence level needed to include a firearm as part of your personal, family, and business protection strategic plan.

"Outfitters" in our name captures the aura of the old world outfitters that expertly equipped people going on trips into the unknown with everything from knowledge to firearms. They made certain that all items were appropriate for both the journey and the person. Strategic Outfitters takes this same holistic approach to equipping you for self-protection by encompassing everything from training to sale of firearms.

There is a bewildering variety of firearms available, so much so that it's almost impossible to choose. Our basic classes include handling and shooting a small variety of firearms that we have purposefully selected to help you in finding the right firearm to match your physique and to match your intended purpose. We also maintain a stock of these firearms for sale.

In the vein of the old world outfitters, we provide complete firearm packages that include the firearm itself, a cleaning kit, range ammunition, carry ammunition, and other items needed by the first time firearm owner. We also have a variety of other items available including hearing and eye protection, dummy ammunition for handling/loading/dry fire practice, books, and much more.

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